Echo Driving School Lessons in Streatham

Driving Lessons in Streatham Common, Streatham Hill, Streatham Vale (SW16)

Our Driving School provides driving lessons in Streatham (SW16), Streatham Common (SW16), Streatham Hill (SW16) and Streatham Vale (SW16). Learners at Echo Driving School can take automatic and manual driving lessons in and around the Streatham (SW16) postcode, also covering routes of the local test centres.

While learning to drive in Streatham your first skills to be mastered will be the Moving off and stopping routine which is a fundamental part of the beginners curriculum (See Lesson plan/Moving off and Stopping). It boosts confidence and must be perfected as it is checked several times in the practical driving test.

Your local instructor in Streatham will try and choose quiet roads in SW16 such as Sunnyhill Road to maintain a calm learning environment which in turn builds more confidence. Driving lessons focus on making progress towards the key skills: Being able to take turns, left or right – whether that is approaching a junction or emerging from it, one needs to understand the key principle of MSPSL (mirror, signal, position, speed, look).

Taking driving lessons in Streatham, there are various roads that aid in portraying the MSPSL routine. Echo Driving School uses nearby roads such as Angles Road and Pedennis Road for instance. Progressing towards roundabouts consolidates the pull/push and peep-n-creep techniques which learners would have already experienced from manoeuvres such as ‘turn in the road’ and reversing round a corner. Pedestrian crossings illustrate skills of hazard perception and anticipation of potential dangers. Driving lessons where the learner is meeting traffic reinforce MSPSL and help to establish the concept of priority of road users. In some circumstances, no priority exists and Echo Driving School instructors prepare our learners for any scenario.

Learners with Echo Driving School can expect to be challenged in every driving lesson where they will be tested on the above competencies and more. For driving lessons in Streatham, you can reach us on 0208 226 6660.

Local test centres

These are test centres in the local area of SW16 (Streatham), starting with the closest.

  • Croydon
  • Mitcham
  • Morden
  • Sutton (Surrey)

Echo Driving school covers Streatham (SW16), Streatham Common (SW16), Streatham Hill (SW16) and Streatham Vale (SW16) area with automatic and manual driving lessons but not forgetting the valuable experience of Pass Plus, modules such as motorway and night time driving are all visited over 6 hours of driving lessons.

Look no further and book early to find the best lesson time for you on 0208 226 6660.

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At the heart of Echo Driving School is state-of-the-art teaching practice and resources. The company's success is built upon going the extra mile for all learners. Pass your driving test with Echo Driving and you will be guided to becoming a safe motorist no matter what the weather.

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South London streets and British weather add up to a thorough learning experience when it comes to preparing for your driving test. We offer many types of driving lessons including intensive training and Pass Plus.

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Echo Driving School instructors are fully qualified, fleet registered and bring both the expertise of teaching learners and companies. CRB checked (required by law) and can teach in English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali.

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